Travel Tips for Seniors

June 24, 2013

Travel Tips for Seniors

In my experience as a Notary Public I find that taking the time and initiative to get your travel documentation in order early on in your travel planning will ensure that you enjoy a stress free “Bon Voyage!” 

California State I.D. Even if you are a non-driver a California State Identification card is important whether you are traveling or not.  Did you know that obtaining your ID is free if you are 62 or older?   Call 1(800) 777-0133 or visit the DMV website to make an appointment and find out more about how to get yours.

Passport If you will be traveling out of the U.S. then a passport is a must.  You can apply for your passport at the local Postal Office or at your AAA office.  You will need to bring:

- Proof of U.S. identification (such as a California Driver’s License or State issued I.D.).

- 2 identical passport photos.

- Application for a U.S. Passport completed in black ink.

- A passport fee of $135 or $115 for renewals.


Medication and Health Insurance Many smart travelers bring along a copy of their medical insurance policy along with their insurance card.  It is always a good idea to pack an additional week to 10 day supply of any medications you may need as well.  Visit your doctor for a check-up before planning an extensive vacation and look into travel insurance in case you cannot travel after booking your vacation.  Finally, always bring the phone numbers of your doctor, travel agent, and US embassy if you are leaving the country.


Golden Age Passport: Issued by the National Parks Service this allows seniors over 62 to visit any of the U.S. National Parks as often as they like for free!  Be prepared to show proof of age, citizenship, and pay a one-time $10 processing fee at any of the National Parks guard stations.  This is one of the best travel bargains in America today.


Take Advantage of Other Senior Travel Deals Show your AARP card and get discounts on cruises, car rentals, trains, hotels, even full vacation packages.  Some senior discounts are not advertised so be sure to ask if they are offered.  Non-advertised discounts can include restaurants, clothing stores, movie theaters and even cell phones!


Before You Leave:  There’s nothing like a little peace of mind to ensure that your vacation is fun and relaxing.  Please take the time to execute your health care and estate documents and put all of your legal papers in order before you head off on that dream get away.  Bon Voyage!


Camille Leonardo

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