I Need a Mobile Notary!

by Camille on April 18, 2016

I Need a Mobile Notary

Contracting a mobile notary is an efficient and convenient way to have your documents professionally notarized.  Many people prefer the privacy and personal service of signing in their own homes, offices, a nearby medical facility or even the local little league field.  This method can also be quite cost effective when scheduling an appointment with a notary public in your immediate area.

What should I know before I call?

As much as we love to help, your notary is not an attorney and cannot answer legal questions regarding your documents.  Contact your attorney or the originator of the document if you have concerns.

The document signer(s) must have a current form of identification.  Identification must be government issued such as a driver’s license, state I.D., passport or military I.D.  The identification must be current, or if expired, issued within the last ...

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Travel Tips for Seniors

by Camille on June 24, 2013

Travel Tips for Seniors

In my experience as a Notary Public I find that taking the time and initiative to get your travel documentation in order early on in your travel planning will ensure that you enjoy a stress free “Bon Voyage!” 

California State I.D. Even if you are a non-driver a California State Identification card is important whether you are traveling or not.  Did you know that obtaining your ID is free if you are 62 or older?   Call 1(800) 777-0133 or visit the DMV website to make an appointment and find out more about how to get yours.

Passport If you will be traveling out of the U.S. then a passport is a must.  You can apply for your passport at the local Postal Office or at your AAA office.  You will need to bring:

- Proof of U.S. identification (such as a California Driver ...

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Tips for Traveling with Minors 2013

by Camille on May 28, 2013

Since summer is on the horizon and we as parents are planning our vacations in earnest I thought this would be a good time to discuss some of the documentation needed when we find ourselves traveling with children.

Here are some of the recommendations set forth by the U. S. State Department when traveling with minors (under 18).  These more stringent requirements are designed to protect children from kidnapping and international custody disputes.  Following these rules will ensure that your vacation will not be waylaid at airports or borders.

Passports:  A requirement for international travel – Children (under 16) and both parents must appear in person to apply.  You must present your child’s original birth certificate and parents must provide a legal photo ID (i.e. a driver’s license or passport).  If one parent is unable to appear in person a notarized 3053 form must be presented at time ...

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Tips from Meridian Mobile Notary

by Camille on October 18, 2012


Today I notarized a Power of Attorney for an elderly client in a nursing facility. She needed to transfer the responsibility of selling her home to her daughter while she convalesced. In their case, as in so many, she didn't have any acceptable form of identification and her relatives lived in another state, so she had no one available to act as credible witnesses.

We were still able to get her document notarized, but it's a good reminder to anyone who is getting up in years, as well as children of older parents, to keep at least one form of qualifying I.D.(State ID, Passport or Drivers License) current. In the event that documents need to be signed on short notice, keeping identification current can make a potentially stressful situation flow much more smoothly.



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